Individual approach

Minimal burden

No forbidden foods

For whom?

  • Everyone looking to to positively effect on their health
  • Everyone looking to lose weight and preserve their health doing so
  • Everyone looking to enhance muscle mass without unnecessary fat gain
  • Athletes looking to maximise their athletic potential
  • Everyone looking to reduce diet-related stress
  • People with special dietary needs

What do you gain?

  • Improved diet quality
  • Decreased chronic diesease risk
  • Body image goals achievment
  • Development of healthy dietary habits and positive relationship with food
  • Support throughout the entire process
  • Flexible services adjusted to your lifestyle
  • Autonomy creating your own diet
  • Protection from popular, usually unnecessary, and often harmful dietary myths


  • Anthropometric analysis
  • Dietary analysis
  • Habit evaluation
  • Goal setting
  • Execution plan

Dietary program

  • Personalized menu
  • Maximum diversity
  • Individualized nutrient intake
  • Adapted to your health status
  • Adjusted to your lifestyle
  • Only accessible foods
  • Supplementation program
  • Weekly grocery list


  • Body weight tracking
  • Body composition tracking
  • Subjective impression tracking
  • Advice and guidelines
  • Psychological support
  • Corrections to the Program