Fast Food Choice

I would like to add a few words to my statement for on fast food choices, which could not be included in the original article due to limited space.

First of all, even though the article claims that mentioned meals are the lesser of two evils and should be avoided, I disagree. Take a note I included this in the description of one of the meals: „It's a meal of higher quality than most eat at home.“ And I stand by it, based on experience.

Second of all, which many found fault with (as is expected) but without knowing why, is including Coca-Cola Zero in the menu. Unfortunately, the article does not say why I included it so I would like to explain now. The artificial sweetener soda is included because many people, including me, have a „sweet tooth“ and feel the desire for something sweet after the meal. There's a reason why meals are followed by desserts. If you're one of those people, and you wish to control or reduce your weight, unsweetened soda with no calories is a good choice. The horrifying stories about damaging properties of artificial sweeteners, mainly aspartame, are a dietary myth and completely unfounded. Including Coca-Cola Zero in your diet won't make it of higher quality, but it can help you regulate your weight.

And third of all, if you have your doubts about me including the abovementioned drink partly to send a message about not being frightened by ghosts, you're right. Ok, it was also for my own entertainment while reading the comments on using aspartame as a chemical weapon during WWII.

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