Chefs Against the Decree About Marking Allergens in the Food

The article that was recently published on is a classic example of media misinformation.

You can read the original article HERE.

The decree mentioned in the article is Decree 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, active from December 13, 2014, specifying:

  1. In accordance with Articles 10 to 35 and subject to the exceptions contained in this Chapter, indication of the following particulars shall be mandatory:

(c) any ingredient or processing aid listed in Annex II or derived from a substance or product listed in Annex II causing allergies or intolerances used in the manufacture or preparation of a food and still present in the finished product, even if in an altered form;


So, it's false to claim restaurants are under obligation to „calculate if the meal has any of the allergens and the quantity of it“ (how do you CALCULATE if a meal has allergens?), they are only required to note if a meal contains an allergen from the list of 13 most common ones.

Instead of sharing this nonsense, media could and should welcome the decree that will allow people with dietary allergies to consume foods outside of their home.